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Private vs Public School – Is Private Better In Primary Or Secondary Years?

By Cecilia On September 5, 2011 Under Parenting Controversy - Private

private vs public schoolsIf you had to choose between private vs public school for your children in either primary school or high school, not both, which way would you go?

A mother of two young boys who attend a private school now recently told me that her and her husband had decided not to send their children to a private senior school. In her opinion, it would be a waste of money. She went on to explain that she believes sending a child to a private school in their formative years is far more important. Her reasoning was that once children have a good moral grounding instilled in them during their years at a private primary school, they'll be fine attending a public school when they're older.

I understand her logic, but I'm on the other side of the fence with this one…

If I had to choose between sending my daughter to a private school in either her junior or senior years, I would opt to send her to a decent public primary school and a save the private education for her senior years. Why? Because the grades she achieves in high school are much more important than those she gets in primary school in that they *may* determine her future career, and I believe that she has a better chance of excelling at a private school.

Having attended one myself, I'm not naive enough to think that she would be entirely sheltered from bad influence among private school kids, or that there is less of a possibility that she may get into some serious mischief. Having said that, I honestly feel that she is more likely to be predominantly surrounded by a higher achieving, less troublesome group of peers at a private secondary school.

Besides, it's my job to cement in the good values long before she gets to high school.

That's my stance on the value of private schools vs public schools for young children and teens. Which side of the fence are you on when it comes to public versus private schools for junior or senior years? Would you prefer for your child to attend a private school sooner, or later?

PS: Another friend of mine once told me that she can stand in a room full of adults and accurately identify which of them attended a private high school based on how they speak and act. Is it that obvious to you?

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  1. Grady Pruitt
    September 7, 2011
    7:12 am

    I was only in private schools for a year, and that was more towards the end of my “elementary” education than the latter. I wouldn’t have a problem with sending my child to private school at either end of the education process if I could afford it. If I had to choose, though, I’d probably choose the latter. I think the actual education benefits would be better than any social situation that might develop. But either way, I would suggest that parents be involved. That, as much as anything, has the biggest impact on the eventual outcome of the child.
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    • Cecilia
      September 7, 2011
      8:23 am

      I too agree that parents play an enormous role in shaping their children’s lives no matter which school their kids attend.

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